Visual by Moses Sumney & Sam Cannon

You remain in motion
Bottom of the ocean
Not yet sick of sycophants
Tellin’ you their true lies
Like, “no moon is higher”
Hollow as a hallway
Your fist fits right through me
If I split my body into two men
Would you then love me better
Octopus myself so you weather this
sea, sea, sea polly
sea, sea, sea polly
see, see, see, see me

You love dancin’ with me
Or you just love dancin’
Polly, polly, polly

I don’t wanna live here
Sometimes don’t wanna live at all
I want to be cotton candy
In the mouth of many a lover
Saccharine and slick technicolor
I’ll dissolve
I know that won’t solve this (I want to dissolve)
Evolve into rain and spit
You make me go unstitched

Are you dancin’ with me
Or just merely dancn’
Polly polly polly

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Am I just your Friday dick?
Cornucopia of just-in-cases
You’ll never have to chase this

Woah, polly, polly,
Obviously don’t think much of me
Polly, polly, polly, polly, polly ooh


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  • This song hurts in a whole new way like it sends me somewhere songs almost never do

  • Found thsi dude through sufjans song with him so glad i did this song is fantastic so vulnerable love the video too

  • This may be my fav song and am just hearing about this guy today. This is refreshing. No one why james blake featured him.

  • This is one of the best songs I ever heard. I had the same motions. I am both you and Polly.

  • I hope you're well, Moses! You're filling spaces with amazing vibes.

  • can someone please . please . make/record an instrumental for this???

  • Your authenticity just makes me love you beyond your music. You look so kind!

  • Wow you are NEXT LEVEL. Amazing work. Greatitude!!!

  • 3:12 오~ 빨리해요 빠아아알리~~ 빨리해요 빠아아알리~ 빨리해요 빨리해요 빨리유~~

  • I love this song and the album as a whole, but as someone who does the non-monogamy thing, I can't help but feel like this is, at best, a pretty one-sided take on the matter, and at worst a string of put-downs.

    I get that the idea might be less that polyamory is bad and more that this relationship needed more honest communication, but nevertheless it comes across a little slut-shamey.

    If y'all disagree, I'd appreciate input–I'd much rather not have to think one of my favorite music artists just kinda sucks when it comes to this topic.

  • Fuck, man. It hurts when someone knows exactly how to hurt you.

  • This is too much for me, you are too much for me (but please don't stop)

  • INFP? Regardless, this is ground breaking. This is the antidote to toxic masculinity.

  • this is a song i can have on repeat for 5 hours. moses you have done something very very special by sharing your talent with the world.

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